Past Pain, Injury, Stiffness & Stress

Life and Your Dreams

Moving through

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DeepBody Matrix logo

Life Activities, Sports, Intimacy, Family, Career Goals & Work Endurance.

With so many things to achieve and accomplish, we do not need unnecessary pain, movement limitation and extreme stress to be in the way of it. Let us clear that up for you.
people jogging in the evening
people jogging in the evening

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Sleep better Think clearer

What's it like, when your body can relax and meld into the bed and your head sink into the pillow. When sleep is delicious and restful. Wouldn't you like that?
like a cat body at ease sleeping relaxedly and soundly
like a cat body at ease sleeping relaxedly and soundly

Different life stages, different physical demands

Each stage of life lived through. sets the physical body leading into the next. The earlier corrected and reversed, the less projected forwards. It becomes a pain, tightness and breakdowns vs long healthy active lifestyles. The main accounting time, mid-life onwards.
 eight coffee latte in mugs on a round table representing the different stages of life
 eight coffee latte in mugs on a round table representing the different stages of life

Service on the Platter

New injury to Chronic

A unique whole body approach. Through key focused and stressed areas.

Head stress and tension removal

Pain & Function
Health & Active Longetivity
Mind Space
Mental & Emotional De-stress
The Body FrameWork System

Non Invasive,. No skin puncture, No bruising Gentle .or strong. Deep, layered and far reaching effects. Strength workup.

What you need toward Movement & Mechanical Efficiency and General Systems Health
Correction, Reversal
Methodical Approach

Pain & Injury

Simple to Complex

Children, Adults to Elderly

Compression syndromes

Pre surgical alternative for arthritic conditions

Sense of Self


Cranial & Bodywork

Head to Toe

Minor to Severe

Repeat Conditions


Postural concerns

Breathing, Feeling


Chronic inflammation

Release of Emotional trauma stored in the body

Specific Correction

For uneven singular post game aches

For Better Faster Performance
more Accurate Movement
for your chosen sport

Tissues recover faster

Fibers heal stronger

Small problems corrected

Sport Recovery

About DeepBody Matrix

layered background pattern representing layers in the body
layered background pattern representing layers in the body


DeepBody Matrix is borne out of the love, wonder and observation of the structural body that serves as a moving organic vehicle for the entire human experience through the lifespan.
Its perfect design of systems, held fittingly closely together, synchronizing in complexity. Its immense robustness with huge capacity for compensation, yet it's apparent frailty. The breakdowns, the interventions, the results and the gaps between.
DeepBody Matrix finds a place in part of the gap.

Can you imagine

A healthy young 16 year old already having the picture of the 36 year old ? What's she going to be like when she's actually 36? 50?

Or you could already see those signs at 4 years old?

Or being told at 20 you can't play football anymore or at 42 told you can't play your favorite sport anymore because 'degeneration'. And when you are about to retire and look forward to the activities you have put off, only to find you have limited options for physical activities. You don't move as well and limber. And what about when you are getting on, and degenerative this and that, and joint replacement ..... or wheelchair.

Before all those, let's see if there's anything that can be done to change the course of matters.

And now an option to intervene at any stage.

About Sheryl

Sheryl Hooi is a seasoned and highly experienced Hong Kong registered physiotherapist.

Besides run of the mill musculoskeletal conditions, having a challenge-oriented mindset, she welcomes the challenges of

  • complex, multilayered long standing conditions from previous injury or illness to current conditions.

  • simply folks sedentary wishing to get back into a more vigorous active or sporting life but feeling the barriers of consequent stiffness and pain from years of career hard work.

  • active folks feeling the 'wear' and desiring to be reconditioned.

  • folks previously very active in sport and has consequently accumulated many strains and stresses with healed past injuries in the body throughout the years now 'feeling it' in later years.

Her greatest desire is for one to move through the fullness of life via the vehicle that is the body and to aid as much as possible from its malfunctions, injuries, post illness deteriorations, into restoration and the smooth maintenance of the originally super well designed complex body.

Her aim via her work is for one to have a fully efficiently functioning body in its mechanisms for as long as is possible in one's lifespan. Enjoy physical activity, Enjoy sports, Enjoy the active life ! Enjoy being in the physical body. Enjoy any activity at all, possible only with a functioning mind and body, enabling all that one can pursue.

She specializes in correcting and optimizing the structural body in its mechanical aspects and relationships within each structure to itself and with its neighbors, thus affecting the performance and efficient function of the musculoskeletal and other closely approximated systems and organs, therefore their health.

For example, the breathing apparatus from the nose through the neck, down to the chest and diaphragm compromised by sinus problems, postural problems, past respiratory illness or prolonged bed rest,

Guiding the remodelling during tissue healing, aligning, redistribution of muscle workload from any subsequent dysfunction.

One is truly approached as a whole when one works with Sheryl.

She loves the work with the body, knowing the joy of it when it can do something that it was not able to before.

She loves and has participated in multiple various sports through the years, land and sea, team and individual, racquet, ball games of different shapes and sizes, fight, contact sport, equestrian. She recently experienced the gleeful smoothness in swimming all the 4 strokes! Hence her first hand understanding of movement requirement of the sports and their challenges and especially moving through the age spectrum.

She is curious in general, also about her own species, wonders about illness, dysfunction physical and mental, in such a wonderful , pleasurable, enjoyable creation that is the physical body which can bring about the most ecstatic experiences that exist.

By working with various age groups, children up to the elderly, she tracked in general the various systems involved via the structural system from the aspect of physics and mechanics and their applications in normal time progression (aging) and as a result of cumulative injuries. Hence her primal motivation and the offerings via DeepBody Matrix.

Your personal physio

Squeeze a bit more playtime out of life

More life out of your lifespan.

On getting that little bit older

Feeling it?

What they say



Move Freely, Live Fully

Discover your structural potential

Ready to upgrade your experience? 

Good News !

Deepbody Matrix is also now at Absolute Performance HK, a personal training well equipped gym to offer a more comprehensive rehabilitation service in conveniently right next to the MTR.

Therapy room
Therapy room
squat rack, strengthening  equipment
squat rack, strengthening  equipment
a gym room with a lot of exercise equipment
a gym room with a lot of exercise equipment


In Central.


Depending on your needs, If you needed physiotherapy with rehab and gym setting convenient access of Central would be the place.

If you prefer a more spacious therapy room for work on loosening up the tight areas of the body in the more chill neighborhood of Sheung Wan, it might be your choice.

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